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Who is Mark Henderson?


Mark Henderson was a freelance reporter, he was known and criticized for his intrusive and gripping stories . Most of his work was published over the internet on his own website. He would report on just about anything; war, crime, politics, poverty, etc. He had his own website where he'd share his reports, and he had just about 2 million subscribers. He was one who truly sought after truth, regardless of his well-being.He suddenly became enthralled by conspiracy theories, you know like BigFoot or Area 51 type stuff. Eventually that's all became what he reported on, he became obsessed and yet no one would listen to him, he lost just about all credibility, his career tanked. His fiancée left him and he went into a crippling depression, becoming a drunk. He suddenly disappeared on October 13, 2018. No one is sure as to why? A missing person report was filed but it has been to no avail. There has been attempts to reach out to everyone he was close to, including Jude Atkins(an executive producer at KYTVNews) whom Mark would closely work with time to time with certain projects, but everyone has denied that they have had any sort of contact with Mark. What is strange is virtually all of his work is gone, like it all never existed and the night he disappeared he uploaded an article and 3 audio logs to his website which was only on there for 30min. at most according to some people. However, faithful fans managed to download the audio logs, but the article itself is lost. There have been debates on whether the audio logs are real or just some sort of hoax, regardless, the research logs are chilling.  I've managed to find two research logs on the internet, again, whether you believe if it's real or not, it's still undeniably chilling.

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