Primal Fitness  


We're here to brand your gym through creative filmmaking. We don't like cut and dryads, we like to take it on another level and get to the heart of your gym and show its story to connect with people. 



This new promo video will bring fresh and exciting insight into the experience someone could expect upon signing up for a membership.  



We would be creating something that is captivating for both teens, parents, and potential supporters. 



Joining a gym can be intimidating, but watching this video can ease potential concerns people may have when visiting a gym, while also spiking their curiosity by showing the exciting and engaging benefits of becoming a member at "Primal Fitness.



We will capture the essence of what your gym is all about, as well as the friendship forming, confidence building, engaged learning and personal growth one can experience at your gym.

Project Details


 Create an incredible video showcasing the "Primal Fitness" experience.



 Promote the programs and services to prospective clients, trainers, and supporters.



 Showcasing the benefits you gain from joining "Primal Fitness"



   Generate increased membership from the use of this video in advertising.

Our Commitment

 You get our personal passion, all in on this project. As well as the full creative efforts of our team.



 We only take on projects that align with our core values. Because of this, it allows us to bring something intangible to the project. A degree of passion and purpose that works above and beyond to make our projects the greatest success they can be.

StoryTelling + Filmmaking

Stories capture, drive and motivates people. And everyone has one.


It's one thing to have a great story, but it's entirely another to properly showcase that story that does justice to it for others to see.

Storytelling + filmmaking is our passion. And we believe they are a powerful medium to inspire, encourage, educate, entertain and drive people. To spread a message.

We Create Videos that pay for themselves

We don't set out to just make beautiful videos, or even simply to tell a great story. We set out to combine both those things with a direct effort to increase profits for our clients. We use video to solve problems.  


Creating beautiful films takes a lot of investment upfront. But how much worse is that investment if there is never a return on it! 


We see countless other production companies make this mistake over and over again. Just making a generic video, because they feel that's what you ought to do. 


What a waste. 


We see videos as an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful investment that has great returns if done correctly. It's no fun making videos that barely break even. 


We make videos that turn a profit, and make returns for our clients. 

Project Commission:


Yes, we want to offer to make a video for your gym for free! 

The final deliverable of this project will be a promo video.


The file will be available in both 4k Ultra HD, as well as HD formats.


 A short social trailer. We also like to include a 30-45 second version of the video to share on various social channels. This video helps to drive traffic and awareness to the full-length promo.

Next Step

The next step would be to discuss questions you may have. From there if we feel this would be a great fit, then we would draft a contract and proceed from there.


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